Lash appointment preparation to prevent last minute cancellations.

Nothing is more annoying than a last minute cancellation. Here are a few tips to ensure this doesn’t happen:


  1. Take a security deposit to make sure the customer is committed and serious about the appointment. Customers that paid a deposit are less likely to cancel or “no show”.


  1. Make sure to send a message to verify the appointment the day before. There are a lot of booking systems that can do it for you, so you don’t have to message each customer separately.


  1. I also like messaging the customer the “day of”, but including a different message. I suggest including parking instructions (whether there is parking in the back or street parking), the name of the cross street for directions, a known landmark, and a reminder to come with no make up, sunscreen, moisturizer. They should not have caffeine before the appointment, no spray tan before, no conditioner on the hair if they are washing their hair in the morning. If it’s a new customer that doesn’t have all this info, they might be a few min late because they couldn’t find your location or parking, or slow down the appointment by showing up with full face make up.


  1. If you’re booked have a waiting list that will include the customer information and their preferred time and availability. This way, if you have a last minute cancelation you can refer back to the list and check who requested this time instead of starting a new chain of text messages and phone calls trying to figure out how to fill up this spot.

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