6 Easy Steps to Achieve Lash Wrapping

6 Easy Steps to Achieve Perfect Lash Wrapping

Lash wrapping is a crucial technique in the world of lash extensions. It plays a vital role in maximizing retention and reducing stress on natural lashes. In this blog post, we will explore why lash wrapping is important and how you can achieve it. Whether you are a lash artist or someone interested in enhancing your lashes, understanding and mastering this technique is essential for beautiful and long-lasting results.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Achieve Lash Wrapping:

To achieve lash wrapping, you need to use individual hand-made fans rather than pre-made ones, as the base of pre-made fans is already glued together during manufacturing. HOWEVER, iLevel Lab Pro Made Fans are bonded by heat, meaning you can achieve lash wrapping using our fans. Whether you are using narrower or wider fan bases, the goal is to wrap every lash you place. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

1. Create your fan using your preferred method (wiggle, pinch, strip).
2. Apply an appropriate amount of glue to the extensions.
3. Isolate a natural lash and hover the extension over it.
4. Once the glue sticks to the natural lash, apply gentle pressure downward, almost splaying the base to wrap around the natural lash.
5. Release the pressure, and the glue will secure the base.
6. Repeat this process for each lash to ensure a strong wrap and improved retention.

Remember, practice is key to mastering lash wrapping. Take your time, and with consistent practice, you will see improvements in your technique.

Why Lash Wrapping Matters:

Lash wrapping is significant for two key reasons. Firstly, when all lash extensions are touching the natural lash, the chances of them popping off are minimal, ensuring maximum retention. Secondly, by evenly distributing the weight of the lash extensions when wrapping them, it reduces strain on the natural lashes, preventing damage and discomfort.

Lash wrapping is a vital technique that promotes maximum retention and reduces stress on natural lashes. By using individual hand-made fans and applying downward pressure, you can achieve a secure wrap around each lash. With practice, you will master this technique, leading to beautiful and long-lasting lash extensions. Keep practicing and enjoy the benefits of perfect lash wrapping!

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