Everything you need to know about D Curl Lashes

What is D curl? Let’s discuss:

1. D curl creates the most lift and gives you an “open eye” effect.

2. D curl will appear shorter than C curl or B curl because of the curling back effect. So if you’re mixing D curl lashes in an existing C curl set always go 1 mm longer. Example: C 11mm will blend in better with D 12mm (rather than D 11mm).

3. The least amount of extension is attached to the NL with this curl. So make sure your application is on point to prevent bad retention. For this reason D curl is not recommended for new lash techs that are just starting out. 

4. If your customer’s lashes are curlier than D curl, you can apply the extensions under the NL (rather than on top) to get better application and retention.

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