How to find your perfect lash tweezer?

Tweezers tips:

1. Look for tweezers that won't have gaps on the tips while closed. This will help you picking up fans easily without of fear of them falling apart.

2. Sharpness. Yes, we all had sharp tweezer injuries 🙄, that's actually a good sign. Sharp and precise tweezers will give you more control while applying lashes. 

3. Tension. Tweezers that are too hard to close will put a strain on your hand and hurt after a few hours of work.

4. We are all different. Find what works for you. Tweezers that work for one lash tech might not work for another. 

Our tweezers made from Swiss anti static stainless steel. They are extremely sharp and perfect for creating fans or classic sets.  Tap the pic to shop iLevel Lab tweezers. 

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