5 Lash Tips for successful lashing business

1. Lashing is art! Practice your skill & build the correct muscle memory, the speed will come with time. 

It doesn’t work the other way round. 

2. Stop comparing your work to others. Pictures on social media are edited and go through so many filters, 

They are unrecognizable! Did you know there are apps that can make you 6ft tall? Lol, exactly! 

3. Take deposits. Doing this will drastically reduce “no shows” and last minute cancellations. Your clients will respect your time and skills so much more. And those who don’t, were not good clients to begin with...

4. Invest in a great tools: bed, stool, and LED lamp. Your body and eyes will thank you later. Your craft will be as good as your tools, trust me! 

5. Focus on YOU! Don’t worry about what What your competitors doing, or charging. It’s a huge waste of time and doesn’t help you move forward and achieve your goals. Just imagine if you used this time to build your own business - thinking of new ideas, practicing your skills, and creating new content for your website and Instagram.  

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