Prevent Allergic Reactions to Lash Extensions

Do your clients suffer from red sclera (the white part of your eye) after the lash extension application?


This reaction can occur because of two reasons:


  1. Bad gel pad / tape application. If the gel pad / tape is placed too high on the lash line it can scratch or bruise the sclera. 
  2. If client’s eyes are not completely shut (like in the picture), the fumes of the adhesive can cause a chemical burn, causing the customer’s eyes to burn, tear, and turn red.

**The redness usually goes away within 24 hours. 

PC @wimpern.couture

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Hello ,

I had a client on tuesday 12/10 that I was applying eyelashe extension around 8pm, and during the application of the shampoo she opened a little one of her eyes and turn red, then after that during the process the client was open a little her eyes a few times. She text me today 12/12 in the morning saying that her ayes still red and hurts a little. what I can recomend? or what I can do with the client ?

Sandy Perez July 03, 2022

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