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iLevel Lab Lash & Brow Silicone Palette

iLevel Lab "All The Lotion No Commotion" Lash & Brow Palette specially designed to simplify your lash lift and brow lamination application. This palette will help you consolidate all the needed lotions & solutions in one area, efficient and without wasting extra product! Crafted from high-end, non-slip silicone, this reusable palette is a must-have for lash & brow artists alike.


Product Highlights:

  • Each package includes 1 palette & 2 detachable cups.
  • Each palette has 6 compartments: 3 specially sized slots for lifting, fixing, and nourishing lotions. 2 additional openings to accommodate lash and brow tint. 1 slot is reserved for water and 1 for liquid adhesive.
  • Size: 4 X 1 cm / 1.7 X 0.4 inches. 
  • Available in: Pink or Teal colors.
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  • Made in Korea


  • After use, wash the palette thoroughly with warm water. Tint will absorb into the silicone however this will not affect the use of the palette. We suggest using the black compartment for the tint.


  • We are not responsible for the misuse of the our products.
  • You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us. 

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