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iLevel Lab Curved Shape Under Eye Gel Pads for Eyelash Extensions

Meet your new BFF - The Gel Pals 👯. They can be used for Lash Extension Application, Facials, Eyelash Perming, Eyelash Tinting or just use it to reduce dark circle, eye puffiness

Instead of using surgical tape or even cellophane tape to hold down lower lashes, the collagen (lint free) eye patches can be used during the eyelash extension process for client comfort. These gel pads stimulate the skin’s collagen to brighten the skin under the eye during the eyelash extension treatment.

The Firming and Brightening Eye Gel Patch uses the patented technology that slowly releases moisture and nutrients to your eye area by harnessing the warmth of your skin. As a result, your under-eye area is more hydrated, less puffy, your skin elasticity is improved and your dark eye circles diminished over time. When used during the eyelash extensions service, it holds down the lower lashes while giving a luxurious treatment to the under eye area. As it is lint-free, there are no stray strands of lint or fiber to spoil the look of your eyelash extensions.


Product Highlights:

  • Material: Lint Free Cotton, enhanced with Collagen.
  • Size: 7cm X 2.8cm.
  • Package: Individually Packed, One pair per pack.
  • Soothes and hydrates the skin under the eyes.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Non-irritant, hypoallergenic.  
  • Keywords: Gel pads, gel eye pads, gel pads for lash extensions, hypoallergenic gel pads, sensitive eye gel pads, lint free pads, wrinkle free gel pads, non irritant gel under eye pads
  • Made in Korea


Put the gel patch against the lower lashes, covering them completely.

Some customers can be sensitive to Collagen in their eyes, in those cases it is suggested to put the patch not as close to the eye lid, and use medical tape to tape the rest of the lashes that the patch is not covering.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Sandy Smith
    So good

    I absolutely love these gel pads. I spent over a year looking for amazing affordable gel pads and these are it.

    Michaela kogot
    Game changer

    I live this tape, I wish I would have started using it sooner

    Michaela kogot
    Love them!

    I love them, they stay stuck but not too sticky

    Amber Leitner
    Thin and sticky!!

    I actually really liked these. I was a die hard Bella lash patches user but they are pretty thick. I loved their stock to them tho. But I decided to try ILLs these are so thin! I never have lashes getting stuck to the top of the patch and they don’t move! 10/10

    Sofia C.
    Pack of 50

    These are great to have. They work on all skin types.