5 things you need to know about UV/LED Lash Adhesive (Are UV Lash Extensions Safe?)

5 things you need to know about UV/LED Lash Adhesive (Are UV Lash Extensions Safe?) The Answer is Yes!

In the world of beauty, safety is paramount. Discover why iLevel Lab's UV/LED LIGHT LASH ADHESIVE is the go-to choice for professionals seeking both safety and efficiency in their lash extension applications.

Gentle Formula:

 At iLevel Lab, we prioritize safety above all else. Our BEAM LIGHT UV LASH ADHESIVE was carefully formulated with a non-irritant formula, ensuring it's gentle on the eyes. No more redness or discomfort—just stunning lashes without any allergic reactions.

Now that you know the importance of safety, let's explore how our adhesive not only protects but also enhances your lash extension experience.

Discover how our adhesive's innovative technology streamlines the lash application process, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.

Efficiency Boost

Say goodbye to lengthy waiting times. With our adhesive's innovative technology, you'll breeze through your lash application process in record time. No more waiting around for glue to dry—our adhesive allows you to move swiftly, achieving flawless results with ease.

Safety and efficiency are crucial, but what about versatility? Let's dive into how our adhesive adapts to various environments, ensuring consistent results every time.

Explore the versatility of our adhesive and why it's the perfect choice for lash professionals worldwide.

Universal Compatibility

Our adhesive is designed to excel in any temperature and humidity level, making it the ultimate solution for lash artists working in diverse environments. Whether it's hot or humid, our adhesive ensures a long-lasting hold and impeccable results, no matter the conditions.

Safety, efficiency, and versatility—our adhesive ticks all the boxes. But what sets it apart from the rest? Let's uncover why you'll love it.

Discover the standout features that make iLevel Lab's BEAM LIGHT LASH ADHESIVE a must-have for lash enthusiasts everywhere.


Why You'll Love It:

1. Gentle on Sensitive Eyes Our adhesive's non-irritant formula ensures a comfortable experience, even for those with sensitive eyes, leaving you free to enjoy stunning lashes without any discomfort.

2. Versatile Performance From extreme heat to high humidity, our adhesive delivers consistent, reliable results in any environment, similar to our Non Shake Adhesive (but without the harsh chemicals). Making it the perfect choice for professionals of all experience levels. 

3. Perfect for All Applications Whether you prefer classic or volume lashes, our adhesive effortlessly adapts to your preferred lash style, ensuring outstanding results every time.

4. Long-Lasting Hold With a lifespan of up to 6 weeks, our adhesive provides a secure bond, keeping your lashes in place day in and day out.

5. Instant Magnet Lash Lock Experience the instant magnet lash lock feature, ensuring your lashes stay put from the moment of application.

 uv lash adhesive works in any environment

Lash Extension Application Essentials:


Lash Primer: Can You Use Primer with UV Adhesive?

Yes, you can still use a primer for LED adhesive lash extensions as it prepares and cleans natural lashes for better adhesion and longer-lasting results, suitable for all types. Discover iLevel Lab's Zen AF Primer, essential for flawless lash extensions. 

How To Dip Lash Extension In UV/LED Adhesive Correctly: 

Elevate your technique with essential tips for perfect dipping. Click here to learn more!

dipping lash in UV adhesive

Under Eye Foam Pads in Lash Application

iLevel Lab Under Eye Foam pads are essential tools in lash extension application, providing a stable surface for precise placement. Specifically formulated for use with UV adhesive, our foam tape pads are designed to securely hold lower lashes in place during the application process, ensuring seamless and comfortable application without any discomfort for the client. They adhere gently to the skin, offering a smooth and easy surface for attaching extensions, enhancing the overall experience for both the lash artist and the client.

under eye lash foam pads

 How To Remove Beam Adhesive Lashes: You can remove the lashes just like you would regular lash extensions. Follow proper removal techniques to ensure a gentle and safe process for your natural lashes. For detailed instructions on safe removal, Click here to learn how to remove LED lash extensions.

To conclude: Safety, efficiency, versatility—our adhesive offers it all. Join the countless professionals who trust iLevel Lab for their lash extension needs. Experience the beauty of stunning lashes without compromising on safety.


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