Are you allergic to lash extensions?

How to perform a patch test:

Apply a few extensions on the outer corners on the eye (because it’s usually easier to blend in without letting your client walk out of the salon with spider lashes). 

For the same reason, apply classic and not volume lashes, even if the goal is to do a full volume set. Again, this is only for the purpose of the test. If the client develops an allergic reaction it will be to both classic or volume sets alike. 

Wait for 48 hours after the patch test to assure that your client is not allergic before proceeding to do a full set. 

Make sure to use the same adhesive and primer during the patch test that you’re going to use in the appointment.

A Patch test is also great to analyze the lash growth and direction of your client’s lashes to plan what mapping you’re going to do. For example if your client wanted a classic set, but their natural lashes are very thin and short, you can not apply 0.15 thickness on these lashes safely, you might order 0.12 thickness specifically for that client if you don’t have them in your lash-rary. This way you will be 💯 % prepared for their appointment.

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This will be forest set of lakes I do on mussels I love lashes one every person using them so the big test for me is to put some on

Maria Limes July 03, 2022

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