Lash Glue Tips for Better Retention

Perfecting Your Lash Adhesive Technique:

Using the right technique to dispense your lash adhesive can make a world of difference in your lash application process. Here are some essential tips to ensure you get the best performance out of your adhesive:

1. Non-Shake Adhesive:
If you're fortunate enough to have the incredible iLevel Lab non-shake adhesive, you can skip the shaking part! This adhesive is like a unicorn - no shaking required. Simply remove the cap and you're good to go. However, for all other adhesives, give them a vigorous shake. For the first client of the day, shake it continuously for 2 minutes, and before every subsequent use, a quick 30-second shake will suffice.

2. Embrace Gravity:
Turn your adhesive bottle upside down and let gravity do its thing. Avoid applying pressure or forcing the adhesive out, as this can cause air suction back into the bottle, leading to premature oxidation. Remember, a well-handled adhesive lasts longer and performs better.

3. Keep it Clean:
To prevent the cap from sticking and ensure your adhesive remains fresh, make it a habit to wipe the tip with iLevel Lab adhesive wipes before sealing it. This simple step will save you from unnecessary hassle and potential wastage.

4. The Right Storage:
Your adhesive deserves proper care, just like your precious lashes. Store it upright in a cool and non-humid environment. A suitable storage place ensures that your adhesive maintains its potency and adhesive properties for longer periods.

By following these easy tips, you can optimize the performance of your lash adhesive and create stunning lash extensions for your clients consistently. Happy lashing!

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