Instagram and Facebook marketing for lash business

Do you allow your followers to send you private (or direct) messages? “Sliding into the DMs” is one of the most common ways for customers to reach you today. 53% of clients are more likely to book your services if they are able to reach you quickly and efficiently. 

Make sure your Instagram account is:

1. Public! If your account is private, customers can’t see your work, therefore you won’t get bookings from it.

2. Don’t post personal pictures on your business account. (Your baby is very cute, but we are here to see lash pictures and get you that 💰)

3. Make sure you have a tel number, a direct link to bookings, and most importantly your LOCATION! I see a lot of great accounts that don’t include their actual location. This way you might get random messages from clients in other states or countries messaging you and wasting your time!


1. Use correct hashtags associated with your location. 

2. Your customer is NOT familiar with ANY of the lash brands out there. You can use one hashtag with the lash brand you’re using, ONE! If you’re using 20 hashtags naming every single lash brand out there, you’re advertising their brand.  That does absolutely ZERO for your revenue💰. Stop giving free advertising and use hashtags to promote YOUR BUSINESS!

3. Use other beauty related hashtags. Clients that get their nails and hair done most likely get their lashes done as well. They can be looking on Instagram for a new nail place and stumble upon your lash services and realize they need lashes done as well, or even instead! For example, if you’re in Chicago area, you can be using hashtags like, chicagonails, chicagohairstylist, chicagobrows, ChicagoMicroblading...

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