How to apply primer to lash extensions

 Give those lashes some love with iLevel Lab VEGAN lash primer || Here is a step by step instructions

1. Prime the lashes prior to gel pad / tape application. The primer is safe to be used on skin. If you’re priming the lashes with the gel pads / tape on, they will absorb the make up and protein residue from the dirty lashes

2. Do not use q-tips for the cleaning process. The lint might get caught on the lashes. The micro swab brushes are perfect for these procedure. Please note that micro brushes come in different sizes. Choose thinner sizes for volume lashes and thicker for classic.

3. Never apply primer directly onto the lashes! Take two micro swabs and put one drop of primer one one of the brushes. Place one brush on top of the NL and one on the bottom and brush out from the skin line out. 

4. After the priming, dry the lashes with fan and a mascara brush. Make sure the lashes are fully dry before applying the gel pads / tape. 

The rose primer and the micro swabs available on our website under application category. For more info click on the pic. #ilevellab

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