• How many lashes are there on a lash tray?

    Did you know that each lash tray has 3,000-4,000 lashes on them??? The amount depends on the thickness. The thinner the lashes ➡️ the bigger the quantity is!  View Post
  • To prime or not to prime?

    Give those lashes some love with iLevel Lab VEGAN lash primer || Here is a step by stem instructions   1. Prime the lashes prior to gel pad / tape application. The primer is safe to be used on skin. If you’re priming the lashes with the gel pads / tape on, they will absorb the make up and prote... View Post
  • Eye redness, allergies, reactions to lash extensions

    Do your clients suffer from red sclera (the white part of your eye) after the lash extension application?   This reaction can occur because of two reasons:   Bad gel pad / tape application. If the gel pad / tape is placed too high on the lash line it can scratch or bruise the sclera.  If client’... View Post