0.05 Volume lash extension chart

0.05 Volume lash extension chart:

As we promised, here's the ultimate chart for calculating 0.05 thickness volume fans. When creating volume fans, remember that the health of your client's natural lashes should always be your top priority – 🗣ALWAAAAYS!

With 0.05 thickness lashes, achieving a perfect balance between volume and lash health is paramount. These lashes are the epitome of elegance, but their lightweight nature demands careful consideration. Remember, each fan's weight impacts the natural lashes, so ensure that you stay within safe limits during the application process.

Let this chart be your guiding light to create mesmerizing volume looks while safeguarding the well-being of your clients' precious lashes. Remember, lash artistry is an art and a science, and with 0.05 thickness lashes, you can master both beautifully. Happy lashing!


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