6 Tips To Get Better Lash Retention

6 Tips To Get Better Lash Retention On Clients That Work Out.

If you a Lash Artists struggling with retention on clients that like fitness and working out. Sweat can affect lash retention and result in lashes falling out prematurely. It is important to follow these 6 steps in the after care routine to achieve better lash extension retention.

Tips for better lash retention:

1. Recommend the Right Lash Extensions for Active Lifestyles:
When consulting with fitness enthusiast clients, consider offering lash extension styles such as Hybrid or volume lashes, which offer more durability and density compared to classic lashes.

iLevel Lab offers an innovative solution for clients that like to work out: the Oil Ninja Adhesive. Specifically designed for those who lead active lives: work out, do yoga, swim, and hike. This adhesive is oil-proof and waterproof, making it highly resistant to the effects of sweat, moisture, and other environmental factors. The Oil Ninja Adhesive provides a secure bond, ensuring your lash extensions stay in place during even the most intense workouts. By opting for this specialized adhesive, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lashes are well-suited to withstand your fitness regimen while maintaining their beauty and longevity.      

2. Advise Clients to Be Mindful of Sweat and Moisture:

Sweat can affect lash retention, so advise clients to wear sweatbands and gently pat their face dry. Let them know that wet lashes should air dry naturally to avoid damage.

3. Educate Clients to Avoid Touching or Rubbing Their Lashes:

Remind clients to avoid touching or rubbing their lashes, as sweat, dirt, and oils can weaken the adhesive. Recommend using clean cloths or disposable lash extension wipes instead

4. Stress the Need to Protect Lashes from Environmental Elements:

Educate clients on wearing sunglasses outdoors to shield lashes from wind, dust, and UV rays. Suggest waterproof lash extension adhesive for swimming or hot yoga, followed by gentle oil-free makeup remover.

5. Explain the importance of daily cleansing with a lash cleanser to maintain lash health. Caution against oil-based cleansers that may weaken the adhesive. Use soft brushes or disposable mascara wands for combing.

6. Emphasize the need for regular lash refill appointments, typically every 2-3 weeks. Active lifestyles can result in faster lash shedding, so maintaining a consistent refill schedule is important.

By providing appropriate guidance on lash extension maintenance for fitness enthusiasts, lash artists can help their clients enjoy gorgeous lashes that withstand their workouts and activities. With proper care and regular upkeep, lash extensions can be the perfect complement to an active lifestyle.

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