Demodex AKA Lash Lice

Demodex sounds and looks like something 

from “Stranger Things”. I’m going to save you the graphic visuals... 😝 

🗣 Demodex are tiny mites that live on hair follicles. 

🗣 They feed on dead skin cells, oils, and hormones that build up on the lash line. Therefore not following the proper lash extension may cause the development of lash mite.

🗣 Symptoms may include: red, scaly skin, or a burning sensation on the skin.

🗣 How to prevent it? 

1. Wash your lashes daily.

2. Avoid oil based make up products,  which can provide further “food” for the mites.

3. Exfoliating once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells.

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