Eyelash extension allergic reactions 101

How to perform a patch test:

Mastering the Patch Test for Eyelash Extensions:

The patch test is a crucial step in ensuring your client's safety and satisfaction with their lash extensions. Here's a step-by-step guide to performing an effective patch test:

1. Strategic Placement:
Begin by applying a few lash extensions on the outer corners of the eye during the patch test. This area is ideal because it allows for easy blending, avoiding the "spider lash" look. We want to ensure your client leaves the salon feeling confident and comfortable.

2. Opt for Classic Lashes:
For the patch test, use classic lashes instead of volume lashes, even if the ultimate goal is a full volume set. This approach is essential because any potential allergic reaction would occur regardless of the lash type. Classic lashes offer a safer way to assess the client's reaction.

3. Waiting Period:
After applying the patch test lashes, have your client wait for 48 hours. This duration allows sufficient time to monitor their skin's response and ensures that no allergic reactions occur before proceeding with a full set.

4. Consistency is Key:
During the patch test, use the exact adhesive and primer that you plan to use in the client's appointment. This step is vital because it helps identify any specific reactions to the actual products that will be used later on.

5. Analyzing Lash Growth:
The patch test offers an excellent opportunity to analyze your client's natural lash growth and direction. This information is invaluable in planning the most suitable lash mapping for their desired look. For instance, if a client wants a classic set but has thin and short natural lashes, you can determine whether you need to order 0.12 thickness lashes specifically for their appointment. Being prepared in this manner ensures a seamless and successful lash application.

By diligently following these patch test guidelines, you can prioritize your client's safety, select the appropriate lash type, and tailor the lash mapping to deliver stunning and personalized results. Your clients will appreciate the care and attention to detail, leading to a happy and loyal lash-loving clientele.

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