How To Dip Lash Extension In Glue Correctly

How To Dip Lash Extension In Glue Correctly:

To achieve flawless lash extensions, avoid these common mistakes when working with adhesive:

🚫 Avoid using gummy adhesive; it indicates premature curing and affects the bond.

🚫 Steer clear of small adhesive drops; they cure faster, impacting freshness and necessitating frequent replacements.

🚫 Never dip lashes on the exposed top of the adhesive drop; it may have started curing due to oxygen exposure.

🚫 Refrain from wiping adhesive on surfaces; contact initiates chemical reactions, reducing effectiveness.

Follow these essential tips for optimal adhesive performance, ensuring long-lasting, stunning lashes your clients will love! Keywords: lash extensions, adhesive, gummy, curing, freshness, dipping lashes, oxygen exposure, adhesive performance, long-lasting lashes.


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