How to speed up you lash application

How to speed up you lash application
    1. Organize your tools: Make sure you have all your tools organized and within reach before starting the application. This includes your tweezers, lash trays, adhesive, and any other tools you may need. iLevel Lab tweezer stand is perfect for keeping your tweezers in order.
    2. Practice your technique: The more you practice, the more efficient you'll become. Take time to practice your technique on a mannequin or practice lashes to improve your speed and accuracy.
    3. Use the right adhesive: Using a fast-drying adhesive can help speed up the application process. However, make sure the adhesive you choose works well with your humidity and temperature. We recommend Mrs. Bond Adhesive for beginner lash artists with 3-4 seconds setting time.
    4. Use the right tools: Using the right tools can help you work more efficiently. Make sure you have tweezers that are comfortable to hold and have soft closure, to prevent hand fatigue. All iLevel Lab tweezers are hand tested to ensure perfect closure.
    5. Work systematically: Lash maps are a great way to pre plan your work, and speed up application. For example, you may start by applying lashes to the inner corners of the eyes, then move to the middle and outer corners. Making the inner corner application easier, we recommend using iLevel Lab inner corner tweezers.
    6. Work in good lighting: Make sure you're working in a well-lit area that allows you to see the lashes clearly. This will help you work more efficiently and accurately.
    7. Prioritize quality over speed: While it's important to work efficiently, never compromise quality for speed. Take the time you need to apply each lash properly to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting result.

Remember, while speed is important, maintaining high-quality work and ensuring the client's comfort and satisfaction should always be the top priorities. Practice regularly, refine your techniques, and over time you'll be able to complete lash applications more efficiently.

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