How to use L curl lash extensions?

How to use L curl lash extensions?

When it comes to lash extensions, we all want a look that captivates and enhances our natural beauty. However, not all lash curls are created equal. 

What are L Curl Lash Extensions?

L curl lash extensions are a game-changer for clients with specific eye shapes and lash orientations. The "L" shape of these extensions sets them apart from the traditional curls like B, C, and D. This unique curl is specially designed to cater to the needs of clients with Monolid eyes and straight lashes pointing downward.

Perfect for Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes lack a visible crease on the eyelid, making them a bit more challenging to lash. iLevel Lab L curl is the go-to curl for Monolid eyes. Its design helps create an "Open Eye" effect, accentuating and brightening the eyes, bringing out their natural beauty like never before.

Improved Retention for Straight Lashes

Clients with straight lashes often face issues with retention. The iLevel Lab L curl comes to the rescue! Its unique shape helps improve retention for those whose lashes tend to point downward. Now, they can enjoy long-lasting and stunning lash extensions without any worries.

Trending "Eyeliner Effect"

Who doesn't love the allure of the "Eyeliner Effect"? The iLevel Lab L curl is perfect for creating this trendy look. Clients are bound to get hooked on the enhanced definition and drama that these extensions bring to their eyes. For those preferring shorter length sets, the L curl is the way to go.

The Verdict: Hype or Here to Stay?

With its incredible benefits, the L curl has taken the lash industry by storm. Its popularity continues to rise, and it's becoming a staple in many lash artists' toolkits. As a highly versatile curl, it's not just a hype but a game-changing innovation that's here to stay.

Explore the iLevel Lab L Curl Lash Extensions

Now that you know the wonders of L curl lash extensions, it's time to explore the possibilities. Available in three thicknesses - 0.05, 0.07, and 0.15 - iLevel Lab L curl lashes offer the perfect solution for clients with Monolid eyes and straight lashes. Elevate your lash game and create breathtaking looks with the L curl, and let your clients experience the magic!

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