What is D curl

What is D curl? Let’s discuss:

1. The Lift You Crave: D curl is renowned for its exceptional lift, creating a captivating "open eye" effect. It beautifully elongates your lashes, making your eyes appear more open and awakened.

2. A Lengthy Affair: Due to the curling back effect, D curl lashes may appear shorter than C curl or B curl. When mixing D curl with an existing C curl set, always opt for 1 mm longer extensions. For instance, blending a C 11mm with a D 12mm will seamlessly complement the overall look.

3. Precision Matters: D curl lashes attach the least amount of extension to the natural lash. As a result, precise and meticulous application is vital to prevent bad retention. It's important to note that D curl is not recommended for new lash technicians who are just starting out.

4. Curly Lashes? No Worries! If your customer's natural lashes are curlier than the D curl, you can apply the extensions under the natural lash (rather than on top). This technique ensures better application and retention, giving your customers the stunning results they desire.

In conclusion, D curl eyelash extensions offer unmatched lift and an enchanting "open eye" effect. Perfect for those seeking a captivating look, D curl lashes may require extra attention during application to ensure excellent retention. Experienced lash technicians can artfully blend D curl with other curls, creating a seamless and alluring finish. Embrace the beauty of D curl and explore the endless possibilities it offers to enhance your clients' natural beauty.

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