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iLevel Lab REUSABLE "SILLY-CON VALLEY" PADS for lash extensions are perfect for clients with all skin types. Not only they are good for the environment (because they are less wasteful) but they also good for your wallet (and save you money on regular one time use gel pads). They can be used for Lash Extension Application, Lash Lift, or Lash Tint. The pads are DEVELOPED AND PATENTED by iLevel Lab, and can not be sold by any other brand under the penalty of patent infringement. They are made with a dermatologically tested, high-tech silicon, the pads are reusable for up to 100 applications. Silicone lash pads are free from any active ingredients and super thin and comfy. THEY ARE NOT SELF ADHERENT and might need to be taped down. Not recommended for clients with oily skin. 


Product Highlights:

  • Reusable.
  • Cost efficient and good for the environment!!! 
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin, leaving no residue upon removal during the lash application.
  • Lint Free.
  • Package: One pack includes 2pcs (One for each eye).
  • Keywords: reusable silicone pads, silicone pads, patented silicone pads, silicone lash extension pads, reusable lash extension silicone pads, under eye silicone pads, hypoallergenic under eye pads
  • Made in Korea


Remove the patch from the plastic liner. Apply the patch on clean face under the eyes, covering the bottom eyelashes during the eyelash extension application. Use medical tape to secure the edges of the patch. Remove the patch slowly from the edges.


 Please follow your local state board guidelines regarding cleaning and sanitizing your work tools. Rinse off with antibacterial soap and warm water. 


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    Emily Domingo
    Reusable Silicone Pads

    I absolutely love using these reusable silicone pads!! They are a game changer for me. They are easy to clean, stay in place and most of all REUSABLE! I love that the silicone pads don’t ride up on clients eyes!! I already put my order in for another PAIR!! I highly recommend this product!!

    Alexandria S
    Actually good silicone lash pads!

    Pros- very thin & flexible
    Actually stays tacky even after washing & disinfection.
    Fits most eye shapes.
    Comfortable. This one is important!
    Reusable and eco friendly.

    Cons- stains if you're using tints, but they're white and honestly that's not a shocker that it stains....
    Wish these could come in shades of pastel green, blue, or pink to make lighter colored eyelashes easier to see.
    They can be a little snug on the inner corner/nose on certain people, but again not a deal breaker.

    Tips and Tricks- if these don't fit your client just right, try applying them under the lower lashes and then taping them to the pads.
    Drier clients or anyone that needs a little extra hydration- apply a thin layer of a hydrating eye cream under the pads. This helps keep them in place with a little extra tack, as well as providing nutrition & hydration to the delicate undereye area.

    Hope this helps someone who's on the fence about purchasing!

    Eco friendly but

    I love that these are eco friendly and great for sensitive clients. My super sensitive ones I use the foam pads on and these worked great. That will save a bunch of money. The problems I have are they don’t fit every eye shape (especially deeper set eyes), after 4 uses one already has a small tear and I can’t figure out how to get glue off of them.

    QUYEN ll
    Great for the environment

    These are awesome for reusable use, they are thin and stay sticky. however, what is the point of the 3d dots? I wish the eye pads were more of a flat and smooth surface, that way I can also use a dry erase marker to mark my lash mapping. Or if these came with printed lash mapping, that would be awesome as well.

    Jamie Benson
    Absolutely the best

    No irritation whatsoever!!! Saves me tones cause they are reusable! Highly recommend