In this week's Lash Artists & Educators Series we are happy to introduce Bailey Agulia from B Lashed Studio.

"I am a licensed esthetician and 2 times certified lash extension artist/educator located in South Florida. I own my own business, B Lashed Studio, and only provide top quality services for all my clients. I love using iLevel Lab products for my multiple services I provide. One of my favorite products from them is the "Adhesive Remover". It is not only gentle, it has also cut my lash removal time in half because of how quick and effective it is."

iLevel Lab Vegan Lash Extension Adhesive Melt Remover is perfect for removing old lash extensions prior to the application of a new full set. This adhesive melt remover has a cream-like consistency and it won't drip into the client's eyes. Removal works most efficiently when paired with our iLevel Lab Micro Swab Brushes.

Bailey adds "I am using iLevel Lab 0.18 classic lashes, in 10,11,12,13,14,15 mm in D curl in my lash sets. I am also using their Brow Lamination kit for these gorgeous brows".

iLevel Lab Vegan Brow Lamination Kit is a 3 step treatment to achieve the trending "brow lift" look. The vegan sensitive formula will ensure best results for your clients without harmful ingredients. Conveniently packaged in pump bottles to ensure the least amount of waste possible.

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