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iLevel Lab Vegan Brow Lamination Kit

iLevel Lab Vegan Brow Lamination Kit is a 3 step treatment to achieve the trending "brow lift" look. The vegan sensitive formula will ensure best results for your clients without harmful ingredients. Conveniently packaged in pump bottles to ensure least amount of waste possible.


Product Highlights:

  • Good for up to 30 applications.
  • Package includes:
    • 1 x Vegan Brow Lifting Lotion.
    • 1 x Vegan Brow Setting Lotion.
    • 1 x Vegan Brow Nourishing Lotion.
    • 1 x Vegan Brow Adhesive.
    • 10 x Micro Brushes.
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  • Made in Korea
  • Manufactured by iLevel Lab


  • Full step by step directions attached with the kit.
  • For brow lamination instructions skip to paragraph 4. Cover lower lashes with gel pads.
  • Brush the top lashes.
    Apply lash lift styling shield in small, medium, or large depending on the length of the natural lashes and the curl desired. The natural lashes should cover half way to all the way up the styling lash shield for best results. Use the vegan lash adhesive from the kit to adhere the styling shield to the eyelids, as close to the lash line as possible. Hold for 10 seconds to make sure the shield is in place.
  • Using small amounts of vegan lash & brow lift adhesive, start adhering natural lashes to the shield using the lash comb, for brow lamination, brush the eyebrow hairs in the desired direction. Make sure all lashes and brows are combed and positioned perfectly. How they look in this step, that is how they will look at the end of the treatment. If you are not happy with the placement, simply wet a q-tip, remove the glue, and start over.
  • Once the lashes and brows are all in place, you will apply the vegan lash & brow lifting lotion #1 using a micro- swab brush. Apply the vegan lash & brow lifting lotion all across the lash and brow line covering ½ to ¾ of the hair length. Do not apply the lotion on the tips. Let the vegan lash & brow lifting lotion set for 5-8 minutes. Thin hair will require 8 minutes processing time, thicker hair will require 8 minutes. Remove the vegan lash & brow lifting lotion using q-tips or micro-swab brushes. Make sure all of the solution is removed.
  • Apply the vegan lash & brow setting lotion #2 for the same amount of time as the last step. Carefully remove the vegan lash & brow setting lotion, leaving lashes on the lash shield, for brow lamination skip this step.
  • For brow lamination apply the vegan lash & brow nourishing lotion #3 and brush the eyebrow hairs. For lash lifts: Using the vegan lash & brow nourishing lotion #3 remove the lashes from the lash shield, by moving the brush back and forward until lashes become undone. Once the lashes are detached from the lash shield, use a brush with the vegan lash & brow nourishing lotion to rub on the eyelid, under the shield, to detach the shield. 


  • We recommend that you keep the brow lamination products in the refrigerator or somewhere cooler than room temperature for a longer storage life.
  • For professional use only. Do not use on yourself.
  • We are not responsible for the misuse of the our products.
  • You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us.
  • Performance and results of brow lamination may vary from person to person.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Best Brow Lamination Kit!

Amazing for sensitive skin, amazing results and the package very beautiful and complete!

Ang Vigil
Absolutely the best customer service

The kit is quite nice, it came damaged but the team sent me new packets, i highly recommend buying from them, their customer service was fast. I thought i was only going to get the nourishing oil but they sent all 3 products (:

Emma Smith
First lamination kit

This is the first lamination kit I have bought, when I saw the reviews on Facebook I decided to buy the kit since it was a good deal, and boy am I shocked by how well this kit worked. It is super simple, just follow the directions and you will have the brow shape you desire. Bonus points that it is cruelty free and vegan, the glue is also AMAZING! 10/10 will definitely being buying more for my clients.

Shelly Schulz
Great product and price!

Easy to use. Love the pump bottles! Clients loved the results.

Amazing results

Love the packaging and how easy it was to use!