Can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant?

Can a pregnant 🤰🏻woman get lash extensions? Another question that is frequently asked (and yet, not taught in most lash extension classes)! 

The answer is YES, you can lash a pregnant client, and the application process is technically the same as your regular clients.

But (!!!) pregnant clients require a little more care 💆🏻‍♀️ and attention at the appointment. 

1. If your client is in their first trimester, they might be sensitive to smells, not necessarily the adhesive smell, but any smell in general, like perfumes, or candles. The best practice is to have your pregnant client wear a mask or ask about smell sensitivities before the appointment😷

2. Clients that are in the last trimester might be uncomfortable or unable to lay on their back for an extended period of time. Having a client lay on their side will be preferred. Lashing one eye at a time might be the best practice.

3. Throughout pregnancy, there may be hormonal changes, which affect retention. These changes may result in hair loss, hair texture change, or hair growth. Due to these changes your client may need more frequent fills than usual.

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