Eyelash Extension Volume Lash Chart

Eyelash Extension Volume Lash Chart

True story: I was never good in math, and going in to a beauty industry I thought I’ll never have to deal with it again 😂. Well, boy was I wrong! #LASHMATH and #LASHPLACEMENT go hand in hand. When I started doing volume only 0.07 thickness was available on the market, and there were no chats and schemes like today. Using the correct amount of lashes per fan can ensure healthy lash application, and no damage to the natural lash. 

The two factors that you need to consider are: the total weight at the base of the fan, and the the strength of your client’s natural lashes. 0.15 thickness can be perfect for majority clients, but it might be too heavy for older clients with weaker and thinner lashes. 

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