How Does Humidity Affect Eyelash Extensions?

How Does Humidity Affect Eyelash Extensions?

Say goodbye to humidity struggles during these chilly months! Introducing your two new best friends: the Nano Mister and a specially designed low humidity adhesive. Together, they guarantee better retention and stunning lash results.

Step 1: Nano Mister Magic 🌬️
Enhance humidity levels with the Nano Mister. Mist every 20-30 minutes throughout the application, giving each eye a refreshing 10-second burst. This moisture boost helps the adhesive set properly and ensures optimal curing, leading to longer-lasting extensions.

Step 2: Cold Weather Adhesive 🧊
Our low humidity adhesive is formulated explicitly for the winter season. Latex and Formaldehyde-FREE, it guarantees a safe and comfortable experience for your clients.

Optimal Conditions for Perfect Lashes:
- Temperature: 50-70°F
- Humidity: 20-45%
- Low fumes for a comfortable application.
- Quick Setting Time: 3-4 Seconds
- Durability: 5-6 Weeks

Say hello to impeccable retention and happy clients all winter long. Embrace your dynamic duo, and let your lash artistry shine even in the coldest months!

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