Achieve the best retention with the right glue

“My glue is sliding off! 😂⛷😭 The lashes are not sticking!”

Here are a few reasons why you could be experiencing adherence problems: 

1. Lack of humidity. If your humidity is below 40% you might need to turn on a humidifier. Please note that if you’re running heat in your room during these cold winter months, heat dries the air and lowering your humidity.

2. Excess of humidity. It’s raining or snowing outside, and you’re cold, so you immediately assume your humidity is low and the adhesive is not sticking because of that, but...!!! Rain and snow significantly increase humidity in the air, even indoors. This will cause your adhesive to cure way faster than what you are used too. If you’re using 3-4 sec drying adhesive (with the suggested humidity range of 20-45%) in high humidity it can cure within 0.5-1 sec

3.  Gummy adhesive. NEVER use the adhesive that starts to feel gummy! Because that means that he is already "polymerized" and it started the curing process!!!

4. Many medications can alter lash retention through changes in body chemistry. 

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