Lash Educator Series: why choose Y Lashes

In this week's Lash Artists & Educators Series we are happy to Kristy Jerkins at LaVie brows and lashes.

When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, look no further than Kristy Jerkins. With a passion for perfection and an eye for detail, Kristy has become a go-to expert in the world of lash and brow artistry.

What sets Kristy apart is her commitment to using only the best products in the industry. She swears by iLevel Lab products, thanks to our exceptional quality and affordability. Among her top picks are our renowned Y lashes, a favorite among her clients. These lashes not only grace her hybrids but also work wonders as mega classics.

Living near the humid shores of South Alabama, Kristy knows the importance of reliable lash glue. Her secret weapon? The Oil Ninja adhesive. Not only is it low on fumes, but its remarkable retention power stands strong even in the most challenging coastal conditions.

But Kristy’s dedication to quality doesn't stop at lashes. Her Vegan brow and lash lift has gained a cult following. Clients adore the perfect lift it delivers every single time. What's more, the vegan aspect resonates with environmentally-conscious individuals, making Kristy a true beauty artist with a heart.

For those seeking a transformation that's a cut above the rest, Kristy Jerkins and her LaVie brows and lashes are the name to remember. Experience the magic of her expert touch and superior products for yourself - because when beauty meets quality, the result is simply breathtaking.

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