See why lash artists love iLevel Lab pro made fans

In this week's Lash Artists & Educators Series we are happy to present Carolina Domenech at Domenech Beauty Lashes.

For almost four years, Carolina Domenech has been working on lash artistry, using her skills to transform how her clients look through eyelashes. This journey has been exciting, with each day giving her a chance to learn new things.

When she was just starting out, Carolina had a hard time finding a brand of beauty products she really liked. But everything changed when she discovered iLevel Lab. She was first attracted to their products because they were kind to animals and had cute, eco-friendly packaging.

Her journey took a big step forward when she tried iLevel Lab's products. She quickly realized that these were the ones she had been looking for. The eyelashes and other products were very good quality. One of the best things was their loose pro made fans – these are really good at keeping a nice shape, having a rich color, and staying in place for a long time.

Carolina is really happy to have found a brand that suits her so well. She wishes she had found iLevel Lab right from the beginning, but she's still grateful to have found it now. Carolina Domenech's journey is not just about doing eyelashes – it's about making art and using a brand that matches her style perfectly. Every eyelash she works on is a part of her journey to becoming a great lash artist.

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