Tips for Avoiding Stickies

Getting lashes stuck to under eye pads during a lash lift or lash extension application can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Here are some tips to help avoid this problem:

  1. Choose the right size gel pads: Make sure that you are using the correct size of under eye pads that fit your client's eye shape and size. If the pads are too large, they may touch the lashes and cause them to stick. You can also cut the iLevel Lab gel pads to match clients eye shape.
  2. Apply lash pads correctly: Proper placement of the under eye pads is important. Make sure that the pad is placed firmly underneath the lower lash line, but not so high that it touches the lashes.
  3. Use a brush: Before applying the pads, use a mascara wand to brush the lashes upward and away from the under eye area. This will help to ensure that the lashes are not touching the pads.
  4. Secure the pads: Make sure that the under eye pads are secure and do not move during the procedure. If the pad shifts or moves, it can cause the lashes to stick to it.
  5. Use the iLevel Lab matcha tape: If you are still having issues with lashes sticking to the under eye pads, you can try using a sensitive tape to cover the lower lashes. This will create a barrier between the lashes and the pad, reducing the risk of sticking.

Overall, the key to avoiding lashes getting stuck to under eye pads is to be gentle and precise during the application process. Take your time and make sure that the pads are positioned correctly and securely before proceeding with the procedure.

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