Tips for Choosing the Right Lash Tweezers

As lash technicians, our main goal is to successfully apply a beautiful set of lashes to each client that walks through our doors. This not only starts with quality lashes, but also the proper quality tweezers.

We’ve put together a couple tips to consider when it comes to buying and investing it a pair of tweezers.

 Tweezers tips:

  1. Look for tweezers that don’t have a gap between the tips when fully closed. This will help you properly and easily pick up fans without of fear of them falling apart.
  • Yes… I know, we’ve all had sharp tweezer injuries, but despite the pain, that's actually a good sign. Sharp and precise tweezers will give you more control while applying lashes.
  • Tweezers that are too hard to close will inevitably put a strain on your hand and start to cause pain after a few hours of work… which will only negatively affect your business.
  1. We are all different. Find what works for you. Tweezers that work for one lash technician very well may not work for another.

There’s no wrong decision when it comes to picking the tweezers of your choice, but hopefully our quick tips will help you to find the pair that’s best for you and your business!


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