Benefits of Using Diamond Lash Extension Tweezers

If you’re a Lash Technician, then you know the struggle of finding the right extensions and tools for you and your clients. However, with so many tweezer options on the market, it can be difficult to discern which tools are right for you and your business.

While we’d love to sit here and tell you what we love about ALL of our various tweezers, we just don't have the time, so today we want to let you know why you should be using our Diamond Eyelash Extension Tweezers on your Russian Volume Sets.

These tweezers are designed especially for applying 3D Volume lashes. The special tips are able to grab and hold the lashes with their super grip while you create delicate fans. By using stainless steel construction we are able to keep the tools corrosion free and easy to clean.

These tweezers have been designed with maximal surface area on the contact end for ease of use while gripping and holding extensions. We understand how hard lash application can be on the hands, so these high quality steel tweezers were designed to help eliminate finger, wrist, and hand fatigue—giving your hands, fingers, and wrists a much needed break from the constant pressure of pinching closed tweezers. The Diamond Eyelash Extension Tweezer is lightweight and offers and exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy which is necessary when applying Russian Volume Lashes.

All of our tweezers are anti-magnetic, acid resistant, and temperature resistant and come with their own protective sleeve. We supply the most advanced styles and designs for the highest quality and performance at the most competitive prices.

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