Why Your Eyelash Extensions Don't Last

Why Your Eyelash Extensions Don't Last

Have you noticed your eyelash extensions not lasting as long as you'd hoped, or worse, popping off right after application? Several factors could be behind this frustrating issue.

1. Poor Adhesive Application: Incorrect adhesive amount, improper dipping, or insufficient drying time can lead to poor bond and premature popping.

2. Lack of Aftercare: Neglecting proper aftercare, like avoiding oil-based products or excessive touching, can cause lashes to shed quicker.

3. Natural Lash Health: Weak or damaged natural lashes won't hold extensions well, affecting retention.

4. Improper Isolation: Inadequate isolation during application can lead to extensions sticking together and popping off.

5. Quality of Lash Products: Using low-quality lashes or adhesive can impact longevity.

6. Inexperienced Lash Technician: Choosing an unskilled technician may result in improper application, leading to subpar results.

We’ve also been hearing a lot of lash techs struggling with humidity during the summer. The temperature and the humidity going up, will cause your adhesive to cure way faster than what you are used to. If you’re using 1-2 sec drying adhesive, in high humidity it can cure within 0.5-1 seconds! This means, if you’re applying lashes at the speed you’re used to, you will be applying partially dry adhesive which will result in lashes popping off right after the application - bad retention. ​​​​​​​​

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