How to correctly attach lash extensions

Distance and lash placement is one of the most important things you have to learn as a lash artist, but sadly enough it’s not always thoroughly covered in most lash classes.

The perfect lash distance from the eyelid is 0.2-0.5mm.

The most common mistake that new lash artists make is that they apply the extensions too far from the eyelid as they are too scared it will get glued to the eyelid and cause a reaction. Doing so will cause the extensions to fall out quicker, and your clients might feel like they need a more frequent fills (plus, let’s face it, the lashes will look weird).

So, to sum it up. Leaving too much distance will cause:
❌ The lash extensions to feel heavy on the NL.
❌ Not esthetically pleasing.
❌ Sooner fills, cause they look like the client have been wearing them for a while.

Leaving too little distance will cause:
❌ An allergic reaction, lash adhesive is not meant to touch the skin.
❌ Itchy eyelids will most likely cause constant touching and rubbing, which will cause the extensions to fall out very quickly as well as causing potential damage to the NL that might be pulled out during the rubbing.
❌ Discomfort after the appointment (pain blinking or closing the eyes).

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