Instagram marketing for a lash business / salon

Want to make your INSTAGRAM page look more professional? Here is a few useful tips:

1. Before and after pictures. It’s a great way to showcase your work, and display the dramatic transformation. How about showing a half way progress picture instead of posting a collage? Collages add clutter to your page and make it look busy, you will also get LESS likes on a collage rather than a regular picture.

2. I strongly suggest using a planning app to organize your pictures. It will allow you to create a more clean and professional look for your page. You can also schedule the pictures to be posted at a specific time and date. Always check your analytics (if you have a business account you will have access to it) to see the most popular time of the day to post. Personally I like Planoly and Plann apps.

3. Avoid posting more than one picture at a time, it will significantly lower your account visibility.

4. From personal experience, I noticed less likes on videos as apposed to pictures. Also lash fanning or brushing videos get more views than a “blinking eye” videos? If you have a theory as to “why” please share with me in the comments below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

 Artist: @winkdbymarlyn

Curl: D curl

Thickness: 0.05

Length: 11-14mm

Products: @eyelashextensionssupplies 🦄#ilevellab

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