What is the correct way to grab your volume fans?

What is the correct way to grab your fans?

1️⃣ The tweezers should grab the fan at a direct 90% angle. If you’re placing your tweezers diagonally it will place the fan crooked on the NL and the offset the look of the finished set. 

2️⃣ Place the tweezers closer to the bottom-middle of lash (depending on the length of the extension you’re using), leaving enough space to dip it in the adhesive. If you place your tweezers too low to the lash base, they will end up with the adhesive residue on the tweezers, if you place them too high, you’re risking the fan falling apart. 

3️⃣ Closing your tweezers too tight may cause the extensions to bent. Closing your tweezers too loose may cause the fan to fall apart. Balance is key! #ilevellab

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