How to apply lash extensions on sensitive eyes

Do you have clients with watery eyes 😭💦 ??? I’m one of them, doesn’t matter if we use tape or gel pals my eyes ALWAYS water! So after years of holding tissue paper and wiping my cheeks I tried this trick and it really works!!!

Simply cut one of iLevel Lab adhesive wipes in to two, and place it under your tape or gel pal on the outer corners. The iLevel Lab adhesive wipes are COTTON FREE and they absorb the moisture, so it doesn’t effect your adhesive or retention!

Also, for monolid or older clients I like to tape up the outer corners to lift the excess skin, this gives you a better access to the little corner lashes that hard to lash. Who else struggles with corners raise your hand? 🙋🏻‍♀️

P.C.: @be_lashed

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