What is the Best Low Humidity Adhesive?

The Low Humidity Adhesive is one of the strongest bonding glues available. It is a special sensitive formula designed to be used by professionals only. This Adhesive is most ideal for the lash artist located in a colder climate and lower humidity. Humidity can play a significant role in the application of the eyelash extension and ultimately affect the adhesive retention rate.

This adhesive is Latex and Formaldehyde free, which is perfect for those with clients who have sensitive eyes. The formula is thick in consistency and texture and has minimal fumes, which makes it extremely easy to get the right amount of glue on the extension to get the perfect bond.

With a strong bonding period, the total bonding phase of the natural lash and the extension is up to five weeks. When the lashes last for longer lengths of time it leaves your clients feeling like they are getting lash extensions worth their money.

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