How to Prepare for Your Lash Extension Appointment

Preparing for appointments and gathering needed information is a crucial step that so many of us overlook!

For a new client, ask the following questions:

  1. Have they had extensions before? That may determine if you need to do a patch test?
  2. Do you need to remove existing lashes? If you forgot to ask and they show up with old extensions, it might add 30 min to the appointment!!!
  3. Do they want classic or volume set? Have pictures of the required sets ready. I highly recommend printing pictures into a catalog or a book, so they can browse the pictures while waiting for the appointment and save you so much time. It’s easier to point to a picture and say “I want this”, instead of describing what they mean by a natural set, when they really want length 18mm
  4. Text a confirmation to make sure they are actually coming. I suggest including parking instructions, such as whether to park in the back or on the street, or an easy landmark. Remind them to come with no make up, sunscreen, moisturizer. They should not have caffeine, or spray tan, before the appointment. Remind them not to use conditioner if they wash their hair the next day.
  5. Make sure they know how long the appointment will take. You don’t want them telling you an hour into the appointment that their previous “lash lady” did their lashes in 45 min and they need to go. Or, they may require special accommodations you aren’t aware of, like remembering pregnant women may not be comfortable laying for 2-3 hours on their back.
  6. Make sure they know the price and the payment method. Yes, I know it’s uncomfortable to discuss money with a new client, but it’s better to be uncomfortable than unpaid.

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