How to use your lash extension adhesive correctly

1. If you’re using iLevel Lab non shake adhesive skip to step to (because it’s 🦄 magic and it doesn’t require shaking). Remove the cap and SHAKE IT, LIKE YOU MEAN IT. If it is your first client of the day, shake it for 2 minutes. And shake before every use, but only for 30 seconds!

2. Turn your bottle upside down and allow gravity to do it’s thing. By not applying pressure and forcing it, there will be no air suction back into the bottle (otherwise you might get premature oxidation of your adhesive, which means the adhesive will go bad faster).

3. Wipe the tip with the iLevel Lab adhesive wipes to prevent the cap from sticking!

4. Make sure to store your adhesive upright position and in a cool and not humid environment.


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