What Does Lash Curl mean?

One of the most important considerations when creating a lash set is the type of curl you choose, as this will determine the overall look of your clients lashes. In this post, we'll explore some of the different lash extension curls available and what they can do.

1. C Curl

The C curl is one of the most popular lash extension curls, and for a good reason. It provides a noticeable lift and creates a more glamorous, fluttery look. This curl is a natural curl that looks great on most eye shapes.

2. D Curl

The D curl is more dramatic than the C curl. It provides a significant lift and creates a bold, dramatic look. This curl is ideal for those who want to make a statement with their lashes and is perfect for clients with small eyes.

3. J Curl

The J curl is a subtle, natural-looking curl that is ideal for those who want a more understated look. It provides a slight lift at the end of the lash and is perfect for those who have straight or downward-pointing lashes.

4. B Curl

The B curl is a popular choice for those who want a natural look. It is similar to the J curl but with a more noticeable lift, creating a more open-eyed look. This curl is perfect for those who have naturally straight lashes.

5. L Curl

The L curl is a popular choice for those with hooded eyes or deep-set eyes. It provides a subtle lift at the base of the lash, which can help to open up the eye area and create a more awake and alert look.

6. F curl

The F curl is a unique curl developed by iLevel Lab due to a growing demand for more dramatic lashes. It is curlier than D curl, and perfect for clients that want to make a statement with their lashes. 

When choosing a lash extension curl, it's essential to consider your natural lash shape and the look you want to achieve. With the right curl and proper care, lash extensions can enhance natural beauty and give you the confidence to take over the world!

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